About Us

As a leader in employee benefits law, Darcy Hitesman founded HitesmanLaw in order to help public and private employers, insurers and third-party administrators nationwide stay informed and minimize the risk of non-compliance issues.

Our attorneys have always made educating others a priority. Routinely throughout the year, Darcy Hitesman can be found speaking at events or writing articles about the latest in employee benefits law, regulations, and compliance.

Our attorneys have worked with the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor, and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). HitesmanLaw also has a solid affiliation with the Employee Benefits Institute of America, Inc. (EBIA), the American Bar Association, the Minnesota State Bar Association, the Hennepin County Bar Association, the Minnesota Association of Townships, and the League of Minnesota Cities and Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust.

Employee benefits law is detailed and complex. Our clients, including state and local governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, publicly and privately held businesses, insurers, third party administrators and other plan service providers, depend on our ability to clarify the issues, impact, process and solutions regarding the most recent trends and regulations with which they are faced today.

HitesmanLaw attorneys are committed to sharing their insight, innovation and ideas regarding employee benefits regulations and compliance with their clients so that they may take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their employees or participants.

HitesmanLaw provides a wealth of legal experience to their clients in the areas of ERISA, Health Care Reform, welfare plans, cafeteria plans, HRAs, VEBAs, COBRA, and HIPAA.

HitesmanLaw is committed to serving clients by offering the legal counsel regarding:

  • Plan establishment
  • Tax qualification
  • Administration and governance
  • Trust and fiduciary responsibility issues
  • Plan documentation
  • Summary plan descriptions
  • Reporting and disclosure
  • Service provider agreements
  • Legislative analysis
  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Insured and self-funded arrangements

In order to clarify the issues, impact, process and solutions regarding the most recent employee benefits trends and regulations facing employers and insurers today, HitesmanLaw will start at square one. Our attorneys maintain affiliations with the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, and various other regulatory agencies.

“Helping clients understand what is needed in order to comply with employee benefits laws is important to HitesmanLaw. The last thing we want is for our clients to put their heads in the sand and ignore changes. The penalties to them could be too great.”

Darcy L. Hitesman, Esq.
HitesmanLaw Founder

In addition to serving clients, HitesmanLaw is dedicated to educating others.  Our attorneys regularly speak at seminars and conferences and author books and articles.