Benefit Compliance Assessment

At HitesmanLaw, we provide the expertise and knowledge to support your benefits programs, to maintain your policies and keep them current, accurate and compliant.

Starting at square one and using our Benefit Compliance Assessment, we review your entire benefits program for compliancy issues in order to provide an overall strategy that works for you.

Using the Benefit Compliance Assessment, we perform an in-depth review of the documentation supporting your benefit program. We examine all laws and regulations in detail to ensure your benefit plans are compliant. When issues arise, we respond quickly with solutions and requirements necessary to minimize your risk and confirm compliancy.

Upon completion of our analysis, we provide you with a “Benefits Report Card,” (i.e., a full account of your benefits programs). Our report will detail required policies and procedures, improvement areas and implementation details.

Benefit Compliance Assessment Review process:

  1. Inventory existing policies and procedures
  2. Review content of existing policies and procedures
  3. Provide a “Benefit Report Card”
  4. Identify areas for improvement
  5. Supply areas for improvement
  6. Information provided in a reproducible form (for tracking)

Benefit Programs for Compliance Evaluation

  • FMLA
  • ADEA
  • ADA
  • MHPA
  • Medicare Part D
  • Other