Attention! Great opportunity to brush up on cafeteria plan rules

On Thursday, March 10, 2022, Darcy Hitesman will be discussing cafeteria plan design and administration during a two-hour webinar commencing at 12pm CT.  This is a great webinar to brush up on cafeteria plan rules.  Webinar take aways include —

  • Explain what a cafeteria plan is, and the tax advantages it provides for employers and employees
  • Identify types of cafeteria plans and how they operate, including what contributions and benefits may be offered
  • Describe the rules that govern making and changing cafeteria plan elections
  • Display a general understanding of how the Code’s nondiscrimination rules apply to cafeteria plans, health FSAs, and DCAPs
  • Describe other rules and practices that affect plan design, operation, and administration of cafeteria plans, health FSAs, and DCAPs

EBIA Webinar 03/10/2022  –  Learning the Ropes: An Introduction to Cafeteria Plan Design and Administration

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