EBIA Webinar 05/04/2022: Cafeteria Plan Election Changes: Who, What, Why, and When?

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Darcy Hitesman will be discussing cafeteria plan election changes during a two hour webinar commencing at 12pm CT.  For more information and to register for the webinar sponsored by EBIA Learning – Thomson Reuters, please click here: https://checkpointlearning.thomsonreuters.com/CourseFinder/CourseDetails/11713

Webinar Description:  Changes happen, but the cafeteria plan rules don’t always allow them. When are cafeteria plan election changes permitted—and how does the consistency rule apply? What if an employee makes an election mistake during open enrollment that doesn’t come to light until the new plan year is underway? Our experts will walk through the election change rules, focusing on what plan sponsors, administrators and advisors need to know. They will apply the rules to real-life scenarios, suggest best practices (including a four-step process for analyzing election change requests), and answer your election-change questions.